sml peelingArt has always been a way for me to figure out what was happening in me, and a way to connect with the God whom I continually seek. Sometimes I love to just look at the art of others in order to find myself and God. Going to a museum, or wandering around inspired architecture, or contemplating the patterns in nature can lead me to a place of belonging… of knowing who and whose I am. The art of others helps me to know that I am not alone which is enormously comforting.

My Own Art has been a means of connecting to my deepest self and to my God for many years. People with whom I share it will often comment that they see other perspectives in themselves, especially since so much of this meditation is non-representational. I share these mandalas in hopes that some may open to you what you most need to hear and experience from your authentic self and the Living God… and to know that you too may not be a alone as you sometimes think.

Religious Art has been a gift drawn out of me through living in religious community, reflecting our life and charism as women religious and Sisters of Notre Dame, making Christ and his mission the center of our lives. Whatever I have posted is up for grabs within the Notre Dame community. All others, just let me know.

Sr. Mary Leanne Hubbard, SND, DMin

Associate Professor, Pastoral Formation and Field Education,  St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo


Sister of Notre Dame, California, http://sndca.org

Spiritual Director

Much of the work contained on this website began with the Doctor of Ministry Doctoral Project: “Communal Discernment for Catholic Young Adults” (Washington Theological Union, DC 2015). The cartoons have been developed as I have learned more about the nuances of the Spiritual Exercises as reflected in my own interior life, and those of the young adults, seminarians and spiritual directees and supervisees with whom I have worked over the last dozen years. It is an ongoing learning project for me personally and professionally.


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  1. Hello Sister! Found your artsite! Hope to see you again. You’re a symbolist! Keep on creating. I love to listen to your art. -Gerard

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